Note:  Print this form and then complete by hand


RMA #      _______________    Call the office  @  281 580 5656  for this number

NOTE: The receiving department doesn't recognize customer requests written on this form (ie alternate shipping methods, credit cards, etc)  Once a unit is sent in to us for a repair we follow our standard company procedures as per the web site.  If you have any questions we will be glad to try to accomodate you when you call for your RMA #

Is the shipping  address         Residential        or        Commercial      


Company Name:  ___________________________________________________

Contact:    _________________________________________________________

Street:        _________________________________________________________

City:            ________________________, St ___________ Zip__________-_____

Tel:    ( ________ )    ___________    -    _____________    

 E-mail:___________________________________________________  .   ______

Make & model    ______________________________________________________

SERIAL NUMBER:    _______  _______  _______  _______  _______  _______  

 Send in the outside supply if it has one (looks similar to laptop charger)


Insurance value  you would like for return shipping   $   _____________  (If any)


PROBLEM DESCRIPTION  (don't omit)______________________________________



Note: Do not send in units which run for 1 hour and then shut off , and which you can turn back on to get picture, or other intermittents.  Please discuss these with us .