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We started Monitor Depot, Inc in 1991.   Our specialty is the repair of Touchscreen Monitors used in the restaurant, medical, or sales industries, Security CCTV Monitors (both residential and business), and the better quality  Flat Panel Monitors used by both business and individual customers.  If you have determined that your monitor would cost you about $120.00 to replace new, we suggest that you buy another rather than repairing, but if you have purchased a higher quality monitor and liked the picture you should save money in repairing the unit over replacing with a similar quality new.  Give me a call; I want you to feel comfortable in trusting us with the repair of your unit.   We have repaired thousands of monitors over the years and since and it is our only business we have gotten fairly knowledgeable about repairing  them after having seen that many units.  We love what we do and have a success rate of about 90% plus.

We have had a physical retail location in Houston since we started business and are proud of our reputation.  We recommend that you "mapquest" a repair facility before sending in your unit to a company for your repair.   We think it is important to have a retail location in which a customer could always walk in the front door. Click on the menu below to obtain more information on the particular need you have, or call our showroom to talk to me or an associate.  If you have a LCD Flat Panel Monitor let me give you the information you are looking for to help you make your repair decision.  I think I will be able to answer most of your questions and save you time by not having to "click the Internet" for answers.

Our Houston offices are open 40 hours a week and you can call our office number at (281) 580 - 5656.  You can also  leave me a message which I will return.  

Our goal is to solve your problem.  We want you to call and discuss your problem with me or an associate before shipping us your unit.  I will give you RMA # and information on your repair.  By calling us before sending in your unit we will be able to determine the feasibility of us repairing the unit and we will be able to give you a price quote.  Usually within 3 days after the day of receipt we have repaired, tested and boxed the unit and it is ready for shipment home. We will email you asking for permission to use your credit card and upon your approval we will ship the unit back utilizing your packing material.  When you get the unit back, all you have to do is plug the unit in, turn it on and it should work!

There are hundreds of ads and options out here on the Internet and choosing a solution to your problem can get quite frustrating. I would like to convince you to choose us for your repair, and I want to make it a simple choice for you.  We try to make sending your unit to us as if you were walking in the front door of our store and being able to talk to someone.  

We try to make it as simple and quick as possible - it's like having a friend in the business!   You just need to :        

  1. Call us @ 281 580 5656
  2. Complete the repair form and enclosed it with your unit
  3. Pack well and ship using Fed Ex or UPS ground  or USPS. Save the tracking number in case you want to check on the arrival status (please don't call us for this)
  4. Now, sit back and relax 2-3 days until we notify you by email.

Houston Customers:  Just drop by our showroom, no forms are required.    

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